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    May 2021 – Won Kim

    As our patio continues to expand, so does our canvas! For Memorial Day 2021, local chef and artist Won Kim (AKA ReviseCMW) put his signature style on the interior of one of lower level shipping containers creating a mini ecosystem of art for guests to sit in and imbibe. Won Kim's childhood obsession with graffiti [...]
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    Which Recess Signature Cocktail Are You?

    The Myers-Briggs test? Trash.   A love language quiz? Waste of time.  A sex quiz in an issue of Cosmo? Okay, that was surprisingly insightful.  But in order to truly KNOW yourself, you need your Cocktail Personality. More

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    April 2021 – Mosher

    As we expanded our upper level shipping container seating, our original Recess sign became a casualty in order to offer guests stunning views of the city. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to bring Mosher back for another piece to welcome you to the fun, playful vibes that are so quintessentially Recess.
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    October 2020 – Fedz

    We were asked to partner with Muros once again for their Titan Walls project. This partnership led to working with local artist Fedz who made his mark on two interior shipping containers. View this post on Instagram A post shared by "Fedz" (@fedzart) Fedz's work is inspired by the human condition –portraits that express a [...]
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    October 2020 – Czr Prz

    We were asked to partner with Muros once again for their Titan Walls project. This partnership gave us another addition on our exterior shipping containers from local artist Czr Prz. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Czr Prz (@no_vwlz) Czr Prz is a multi-faceted urban contemporary/street artist, illustrator and go-to taskmaster for the [...]
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    September 2020 – Paint The City

    In spring of 2020, downtown Chicago saw civil unrest that left many downtown businesses with broken windows. Local organization Paint The City swiftly went into action and partnered with local artists to create painted wooden panels to protect business and to spread awareness of injustice. Once these businesses recovered, we offered to house these unique [...]
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    August 2020 – Asend

    August 2020 One of the most interesting pieces of mural real estate was the 120 foot wall above our overhang which was perfect for this CTA mural by Asend. His homage to the CTA is a true representation of the heart and soul of Chicago and its power to bring us all together. View this [...]
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    10 Beautiful Chicago Patios

    Eater Chicago says our patio “looks like it was made to serve customers during a pandemic” in his article covering its debut. It’s “massive space” showcases a “unique view of the city that especially looks good during sunset”. More

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    July 2020 – Mosher

    One of our first murals was from local artist James Mosher. his dynamic, colorful design incorporates several of our exterior shipping containers and evokes nostalgia for the epitome of 80s’ and 90s’ childhood: school recess. Mosher is a Chicago-based visual artist and illustrator is known for his signature character Dipso the Monkey. His character is [...]
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