CHICAGO, are you ready for a BINGO RAVE?

2023-2024 Who’s ready for more BINGO LOCO?!

Expect confetti showers, lip sync battles, dance-offs, 90s/00s tunes, and insane prizes ranging from lawnmowers to vacations.
We are so excited to be a part of the North American tour and host Chicago’s very first Bingo Loco in our event space, City Hall! Bingo Loco is Ireland’s #1 selling event and has hosted shows in 100+ locations around the globe.

Written by kinship

photograph of sticky orange stout cake sprinkled with lucky charms.

Get Lucky This St. Patty’s Day!!

photograph of new menu items at RECESS looking down from over head Patty Melt, Chop Salad, Taquitos, Burgers

We’re totally crushing on our new menu 😍