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    Throwback Thursdays!

    THROW BACK THURSDAY! Keeping it OLD SCHOOL - 7PM @RECESS! DRINK SPECIALS: 10 Bucks! Pop Rocks Reyka Vodka, Strawberry Kool-Aid Syrup, Lemon Juice, Lemonade Ecto Kooler Hard Seltzer with Orange + Tangerine Reservations Here
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    Bingo Loco – Sept 29

    Looking for the best bingo party near you? Gear up for a night out in Chicago at the bingo rave where you will experience a show as you’ve never experienced before. What does that include? ✈️│International holiday prizes (Dubai, Hollywood, Bali + more) & random selections! 🎶│DJs playing the biggest tracks of the of 90s [...]
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    Which ‘Tiger King’ Character Are You?

    It’s the Netflix series everyone binged on Day #1 of our Shelter-In-Place, prompting hundreds of questions. “Is this actually real?” “Why are they interviewing him in a bathtub?” But the most important question is: “Which character are you?”

    We can determine which character you are (with perfect accuracy) based solely on decisions you would make at a bar. More