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Safety Guidelines

Fine Citizens of Chicago,
Recess is back and very excited to be serving you again. Though we are a restaurant that believes in zero-red tape, we do have a few in-house laws that have been put in place to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of our staff. In preparation for the opening of our brand new patio, we are incorporating extensive sanitation practices into every aspect of our operation. Our incredible 14,000 sq. ft. outdoor space enables us to offer our guests a comfortable, open-aired dining experience while still maintaining the practices of social-distancing.

Thank You,
The Team at Recess & City Hall

All tables are placed at least 6 feet apart from each other. Clear signage is placed throughout the restaurant to guide guests throughout the space as well as to and from the restrooms.

Ordinance #2: MASKS
Staff is required to wear masks at all times.
Guests may remove their masks while seated at their tables, but must put the masks back on when interacting with our staff.

All surfaces, seating, and equipment are disinfected on every table turn. All back of the house staff is ServSafe certified and follow the most rigorous sanitation practices in the industry.

All staff members will have their temperature checked upon arrival and at the end of their shift.

We offer disposable, single-use menus, and discontinue the use of straws unless requested.

Ordinance #6: RESERVATIONS
To help provide a safe dining environment, reservations are currently required to dine with us. You can make your reservation at Please keep in mind that these steps have been put in place to ensure your safety and well-being, as well as that of our staff.

Written by Rod's Hair

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